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DRadio is a Danmarks Radio Internet radio and TV player. It is a curses, i.e. terminal-based, frontend to MPlayer, where the available radio and TV channels are collected for convenient browsing.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2009 16:29

Release Notes: Screen artifacts were removed and feedback when downloading RSS was improved.

  •  18 Oct 2009 21:22

Release Notes: This release makes sure no zombie mplayer process is left behind if errors occur while parsing configuration files. It has an improved unsupported charset error message.

  •  11 Oct 2009 10:15

Release Notes: A problem with pause in the mplayer popup window when streaming TV or playing video podcasts was fixed.

  •  04 Oct 2009 08:31

Release Notes: The title/icon text of the terminal is updated with the currently playing item. The --notitle option was added to disable this feature.

  •  23 Sep 2009 20:49

Release Notes: This release escapes hyphens in man pages.


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