Version 0.9.5 of DR14 T.meter

Release Notes: The SciPy library is no longer required. This release has dynamic histograms and some fixes.

    Other releases

    •  18 Nov 2013 15:48

      Release Notes: This release works with OS X.

      •  29 Nov 2012 00:14

      Release Notes: This release fixes a pair of annoying bugs and offers better administration of strange audio files.

      •  30 Oct 2012 02:17

      Release Notes: This release adds a minor fix for full Python 3.3 compatibility.

      •  01 Oct 2012 20:37

      Release Notes: This release adds plot track with zoom and track navigation.

      •  12 Sep 2012 21:45

      Release Notes: Faster DR computation. Lower memory requirements.


      Project Spotlight


      A simple lock manager.


      Project Spotlight


      A LED matrix controller.