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Dynamic Probes

Dynamic Probes (Dprobes) is a generic and pervasive system debugging facility that will operate under the most extreme software conditions such as debugging a deep-rooted operating system problem in a live environment. Dprobes allows the insertion of fully automated breakpoints or probepoints anywhere in the system and user space. Each probepoint has an associated set of probe instructions that are interpreted when the probe fires. These instructions allow memory and CPU registers to be examined and altered using conditional logic. When the probe command terminates, prior to returning to the probed code, a syslog record may be optionally generated.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jul 2002 17:39

    Release Notes: Patches against SuSE's 2.4.7 s390 kernel tree are now available.

    •  12 Jul 2002 16:24

      Release Notes: Patches against 2.4.18 are available; there are no other kernel changes. dpcc has been upgraded to 1.0.1. There are better error messages on s/390 when watchpoints are used and when an opcode is out of range.

      •  31 May 2002 14:52

        Release Notes: This release adds a DProbes High Level Language compiler, an S/390 support merger, support for kernel hooks 1.6, and documentation updates for S/390.

        •  26 Mar 2002 18:55

          Release Notes: I/O watchpoints are working, and there is a logmax fix. "push b/w/d, value" works again (broken in v3.4). There are new instructions to capture SSE (xmm) registers. Exception handling in RPN programs and RPN stack tracing support have been added to facilitate a high level language interface.

          •  19 Mar 2002 21:12

            Release Notes: Fixes for some timing issues, better error messages, POSIX event logging support, and portability changes.


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