Version 1.0.1 of Digital Product Management Library SDK

Release Notes: This release includes numerous documentation improvements (corrections in Javadocs and improvements in tutorials), together with enhancements and bugfixes concerning the Depot build tool and Transit artifact protocol handler. Changes include the addition of a decimal versioning policy option and the resolution of a bug in an external module. Several improvements have been made to the internal build procedure, resulting in the creation of this distribution using Depot as the build tool for all subprojects (improving the quality of individual resources and overall distribution integrity).

Other releases

  •  30 Apr 2007 09:09

Release Notes: Support was enhanced for the creation of composite components using URL resolvable parts (where a part is a building block defining a classloader chain, component, and deployment scenario).

Release Notes: New features and enhancements added since version 2.0.1 include the addition of support for component composition via reference to nested parts within the internal structure of a component using part URIs as the construction mechanisms. This version also includes numerous code and documentation quality enhancements and updates to the checkstyle task involving migration from Checkstyle 4.1 to 4.3.

Release Notes: New features and/or enhancements delivered under version 2.0.1 relative to the 2.0.0 distribution include improvements to general exception handling and error reporting.

Release Notes: This release adds context model support for map datatypes, improved XSD namespace management, improved part interface semantics, improved private class isolation, improvements to Station deployment metadata, integral support for java,util.ServiceLoader, JMX management of the Transit resource management layer, JSR 277 readiness, a metro component model moved to a dedicated content type handler, support for URI fragment argument handling, support for nested context interface definitions, and support for plugable content type handlers.

  •  13 Apr 2007 15:46

Release Notes: This release moves trunk content to a dedicated branch (truck content now includes 2.X development).


Project Spotlight


Bible study and concordance software.


Project Spotlight


A command line tool to output your database schema and data in diff-able form.