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DoXFS (pron. docs-eff-ess) is a document management system that uses the XFS filesystem to store both content (files) and meta-data (file attributes), bypassing the traditional architecture of filesystem and database, and leveraging the built-in advantages of XFS. Currently, it offers a Web frontend based on PHP and standard management functionality (create, delete, attributes add/delete, etc.) as well as extras such as versioning and Full Text Indexing (using Namazu).


Recent releases

  •  12 Sep 2004 05:42

    Release Notes: In the DoXFS Web Client, the ability for super users to view and edit hidden properties of a document or topic object was added. Browse lists are now sorted ascending from the entire list. A bug when creating a new document where the title bar showed an incorrect creation date was fixed, as was a bug where the topic tree was not refreshing after creating a new topic. New indexes were added to DoXFS Server to support the browse list sorting.

    •  06 Sep 2004 07:13

      Release Notes: In the Web client, in-line IFRAMES are now sized correctly in Konqueror and Mozilla when browsing a topic that contains sub-topics and documents. In the Server, new versions of checked-in files now show up in the browse list after check-in, and it is no longer necessary to force the document index cache and document parent index cache to be refreshed. The Server no longer returns all documents (current and non-current) regardless of whether the "Current" checkbox is checked in the Web Client.

      •  27 Aug 2004 06:59

        Release Notes: This release modifies how the client loads the required libraries to simplify inclusion from other clients. It fixes a bug in the DoXFS Server in remove topic and all descendents, several small bugs in the Web Client mainly dealing with an incorrect method call to doxfsDocumentObject, and a problem with the topic tree not refreshing after removing a topic. This version also adds a new "Success" message page for topic removals.

        •  23 Aug 2004 06:07

          Release Notes: A bug where the server returned an error despite actually succeeding after creating a new topic was fixed.

          •  17 Jun 2004 17:08

            Release Notes: DoXFS has been decoupled from the Web server and contains three distinct components: Server, Client, and Web GUI. The Server module now provides all of the document management logic and controls the security of the repository. The Client module now contains a set of classes that provides connectivity from the Web GUI to the Server. The Web GUI module provides administrative and end user access to the repository. The Web GUI has also undergone a facelift and now has a completely new look.


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