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  •  28 Jul 2013 00:17

    Release Notes: This version implements minor new features as well as compatibility fixes on FreeBSD 9 and GNU/Hurd.

    •  02 Mar 2011 12:16

      Release Notes: This is yet another bug fix and portability enhancement release. A bug that prevented time stamp files from being created if the -S option was given to downtimed has been fixed. The software should be now compatible with RHEL/CentOS 5 and Solaris as well as with some other systems lacking some modern interfaces. OpenBSD and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD compatibility has been improved. An openSUSE startup script has been added. Other minor bug fixes and improvements were made.

      •  25 Dec 2010 06:27

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix and portability enhancement release. It introduces support for OpenBSD and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Backwards lseek(2) was changed to forward lseek(2) to avoid strange bugs on some systems. The downtimed(8) daemon no longer creates its data directory: instead it should be created by the system administrator or package maintainer. There were some minor bug and style fixes.

        •  26 Oct 2010 11:47

          Release Notes: This version introduces support for Mac OS X. It also fixes manual page formatting on several OSes. GNU/Linux users do not need to upgrade.

          •  22 Sep 2010 22:54

            Release Notes: Downtimed version 0.2 has been released. The most notable new feature is the downtime database and the downtimes(1) command line tool, which can be used to inspect past downtime records.

            •  22 May 2010 09:58

              Release Notes: Initial version.


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              Project Spotlight


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