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DoudouLinux is a system specially designed for children 2 years and up. It is available as Live CDs and USB keys as well as ARM images. The main goals are to be as easy to use as a game console, provide as many kid-oriented applications as possible (currently around 50), drive small children into mastering computer use from age 2, be natively in child-friendly language without any action, be simple for Dad and Mom too (no administration, no updates; it’s a read-only system). It includes Web content filtering.

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  •  30 Sep 2011 22:23

Release Notes: This is mainly a language update. It is available in 25 languages instead of 15, and as a LiveCD image or for USB media. A small tool to easily set the user nickname on the local network has been added, and minor fixes have also been made.

  •  18 Jun 2011 07:26

Release Notes: This is the first official, stable release. It is available in 15 languages, using 5 different alphabets, as a LiveCD image or for USB media. The main improvements are two new applications, Songwrite and Stopmotion, start-up and shutdown graphics and music, songs for children and pieces of classical music (MIDI files), and better hardware support, particularly for networking and WiFi devices.


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