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Domination (Risk Board Game)

Domination is a game that is a bit like the well known board game of Risk. It has many features, including network play, many maps, a map editor, and many more features.

Operating Systems

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Over 300 maps 24 Jun 2012

Over 300 user created maps are now available in the Domination in-game MapStore, with new maps added almost every day!

RSS Recent releases

  •  22 Sep 2013 19:05

Release Notes: An annihilate button has been added to the attack screen. Czech and Slovak language support has been added. Apple Mac retina screen support has been added.

  •  24 Apr 2013 21:12

Release Notes: This release adds higher resolution maps, new MapEditor options, better dice selecting, a better card ownership map view, and bugfixes.

  •  10 Mar 2013 21:18

Release Notes: This release adds online play and a new AI, rewritten from scratch.

  •  19 Nov 2012 23:21

Release Notes: Fixes to the map editor and Flash GUI. Ukrainian language support.

  •  12 Sep 2012 02:54

Release Notes: This release adds better network play and a better Italian game mode.


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