Version 3.1.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM

Release Notes: This release can use OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents as invoice templates, greatly reduces the number of clicks required to work on software, adds more statitiscs to all modules, reorganizes menus to have statitics in the same place for each module, supports personalized fields for customers or suppliers, adds a lot of changes to make development of external module easier, and updates the Wiki documentation for developers.

Other releases

  •  18 Jan 2014 04:37

Release Notes: This release fixes field problems in the company's page (RIB), the document cerfa not containing firstname and lastname from donor, bad rounding on margin calculations and display, the Searching Boxes other search option (bug #1105), wrong buy price updates, setting payments on invoices (PGSql) (bug #1142), the agenda button list type not displaying (bug #1145), and product consummation supplier order bad status (bug #1148).

  •  28 Nov 2013 13:18

    Release Notes: This maintenance release contains minor bugfixes.

    •  03 Aug 2013 12:19

      Release Notes: A call to undefined function dol_get_first_day() was fixed in htdocs/commande/liste.php. An error on proformat invoice creation was fixed along with a problem where it was not possible to create proposal lines with unit price = 0.

      •  26 May 2013 20:57

      Release Notes: This is a maintenance release in the 3.3.0 branch.

      •  01 Mar 2013 22:06

      Release Notes: This is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. This new version and the next one are now released under the GPL v3+ license (the previous version was GPL v2+). Among new features, you will find holiday and margin modules, and a lot of fixes. For developers, more Web services are available.


      Project Spotlight

      SMS Manager

      An SMS application for Android.


      Project Spotlight


      A PHP class to authenticate and manage OTP user tokens for strong authentication.