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25 Oct 2005 04:56 benpollinger

Simple, flexible, expandable and fast
I echo the comments below - I'm not very *nix literate but I got this going on a virtual host no problem. I've used it on a small group project and even the wiki novices grew to love it!

The default installation has plenty of features but there are lots of plugins if you need more. These are being developed and refined quite actively. Configuration and templating have been made simpler recently too. User authenticaion is fine and can be integrated with phpBB etc.

Credit is due to DokuWiki's developer and the community. Give it a go!

20 Jul 2005 06:43 floyd59

Very good, and keeps getting better.
I use this on several sites, and it's really a snap to set up : untar, chmod for webserver, edit config file.

The new version has the possibilty to run an open wiki, one with required user registration or one with invited users. This is what i need quite often for closed workgroups.

07 May 2005 12:00 ncianca

Intuitive Wiki Project
One of the better Wiki servers available. Very easy to setup, nice

and simple, no bloat. Stores everything as text files, so it's easy

to add content directly to the folders.

29 Jan 2005 06:55 wizdude

Awesome wiki
i went through and looked at a whole pile of wiki projects, and this is by far the best from a user interface and installation viewpoint.

i got it up and running in minutes and it works fantastic. well done!

14 Nov 2004 21:11 dhoover

What great wiki..
I have tried them all and have used phpWiki for a long time, but this wiki is one of the nicest I have seen.

Its young and shorter on features than many wikis but its well written and I think it has a great future.

If your looking for a nice wiki, check this one out.


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