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01 Jan 2011 12:10 haksan

Instructions on for subscribing to Freshmeat has been updated. And I'm sorry to say we've missed announcing a couple of of new releases. Please check out the new features in 2010-11-07 "Anteater".

25 Sep 2009 15:23 jikamens

The instructions at for subscribing to announcements appear to be out-of-date. I don't see "Subscribe to new releases" anywhere on this page, and when I click the "Subcribe" button in the box on this page that has such a button, I don't seen an option to select "Permit the owners of the project to include me in subscribe emails" as the Wiki page says I should.

26 Jan 2008 05:11 rvaneijk

Excellent support
Andreas reacted quickly after I posted a problem with the xfortune plugin. He rewrote the plugin to make it more stable. I am using Dokuwiki since 2006 and love it ever since. Excellent job Andreas!

Robbert van Eijk (Rotterdam, NL)

08 Sep 2007 10:11 subnet_rx

Excellent product
Been using for months now with no problems. Good performance, clean layout, and nice plugin library.

05 Mar 2007 21:54 rubin

Better than all expectations
Dokuwiki is the best kept secret on the web!

A WIKI that:

* Is elegant

* Doesn't encourage cryptic chaos

* Can LOOK like a NORMAL (non-wiki) site, while having all the benefits of a wiki

* Excellent flexible access control

* Amazing plugin hooks

* Perfectly beautiful NORMAL urls (if desired)

* Well cached and fast

The more I use this, the more I love it.

23 Oct 2006 02:26 analytik

Re: Nice where I've used it but a shame...

> ..badly broken out of date

> copy that had been shoved into Blog:CMS

> thus rather putting me off for long

> enough to be a MediaWiki user now.

Yeah, Blog:CMS sucks donkey, it's a shame of open source.

Anyway, I also considered MediaWiki when I was looking for a wiki, but it's PHP memory requirements were over the roof for setting on my webhosting. DokuWiki is very portable since it doesn't use a database, so in worst case scenario you can use some diff tool to sync files (e.g. when you have one installation on localhost for offline work and the other online).

22 Jul 2006 01:14 LordMatt

Nice where I've used it but a shame...
However the first time I came accross this it was a badly broken out of date copy that had been shoved into Blog:CMS thus rather putting me off for long enough to be a MediaWiki user now.

However the NucleusCMS team use it and I have to say it is nice and simple to use. Good simple markup.

12 Jun 2006 02:57 TerroX

Next version.
I have about 5 installs of this on various sites, they all rock! very handy tool to get people working together.

I just am really waiting for the next version with better image caching - then it will be perfect.

05 Dec 2005 14:07 floyd59

Check out the plugins, too
When you install it, it is a very nice and clean wiki. Best is, you can extend it via plugins:

24 Nov 2005 12:36 nurikabe

Me like
Tres bien.


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