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Release Notes: This release adds the ability to have configurable burst tokens (SF feat ID 3421920).

Release Notes: This release contains a new test case for bursting the reports based on multiple tokens.

Release Notes: This release contains few documentation improvements.

Release Notes: This release fixes various bugs.

Release Notes: Feature Request 3000590 was implemented: use a burst token until it is replaced.

Release Notes: Various bugs have been addressed.

Release Notes: This release contains further documentation improvements related to DocumentBurster scripting and cURL integration

Release Notes: This release is coming with further documentation improvements for: User Guide, Appendix B - SharePoint Report Delivery; and User Guide, Appendix C - DocumentBurster Performance.

Release Notes: This release comes with new and improved documentation for 'User Guide, Appendix A - How to Do This and That' and 'User Guide, Appendix D - Troubleshooting'.

Release Notes: The User Guide documentation was improved in the Command Line, Auditing & Tracing, and DocumentBurster Server chapters.


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A decompressor for lzip files.


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Berkeley Yacc

A high-quality yacc variant.