Version 5.7.6 of DocumentBurster

Release Notes: This release fixes SF defect ID 3516416, 'Java remains hanging when email is misconfigured'. It fixes SF defect ID 3523588, 'Web Console Windows Service should depend on Server Service'.

Other releases

  •  05 Nov 2013 06:35

Release Notes: This release fixed an issue with Windows 7/JRE7 email and a GUI cropping issue. The Spring Batch WEB Admin dependency was changed from 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT to the 1.2.2.RELEASE stable version.

  •  10 Sep 2013 19:14

    Release Notes: Documentation is now available in HTML format in addition to the old PDF format. This release closes an issue with sending HTML email messages.

    •  15 Jul 2013 20:37

      Release Notes: This release improves the dependency management mechanism and upgrades the dependencies to the latest versions.

      Release Notes: Three issues were fixed.

      Release Notes: A few small issues were fixed. HSQLDB was upgraded to version 2.2.9.


      Project Spotlight

      Scid vs. PC

      A chess database application, PGN viewer, and more.


      Project Spotlight