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DoctorJ is an application that analyzes Java documentation for compliance with the standard and for accuracy against the code, beyond what javadoc does.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Nov 2011 18:05

    Release Notes: This version adds a feature to spell-check strings of a minimal length in words. Much of the code has been rewritten.

    •  23 Aug 2006 12:35

      Release Notes: By default, warnings and errors are now reported at the strictest level. Detection of run-time exceptions and errors has been improved, thus eliminating many errors stating that an exception was documented yet not declared in the throws list. The --warning option has been replaced with --level.

      •  18 Aug 2006 12:40

        Release Notes: This release has been rewritten to handle Java 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5, and to improve performance.

        •  21 Jun 2004 13:31

          Release Notes: The documentation analyzer has been rewritten in Java. Word lists are now included with the distribution for Canadian, UK, and US variants of English. Each of these lists includes approximately 140,000 words, over three times the number in /usr/share/dict/words. Errors and warnings have been simplified, so that there are now only errors and four levels of warnings, roughly arrayed by accessibility (public, protected, package, and private) of an item, such as a class, method, or field.

          •  07 Sep 2003 04:54

            Release Notes: This version features no functionality differences, but the code was cleaned up significantly, logging was improved, compilation speed was halved, and the spell checking execution speed was improved.


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