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04 May 2004 23:39 wfleischhauer

Re: Search, Folder Collapse needed
I will enhance the folder management in one of the next versions. A search function is also a good idea.

If you have more suggestions you can write down in the docpile wiki at

20 Mar 2004 08:18 coders4hire

Search, Folder Collapse needed
This project is really looking great. I believe there are 2 features which would improve it considerably:
a. A folder collapse and expand. If the folders are within the mySQL db, an XML request for subfolder listings would be ideal to speed up the folder list.
b. Search features. Keywords and descriptions on documents with an overall search (by folder/subfolder) would be very helpful.

12 Nov 2003 13:57 djeryv

Guest User
I can't seem to turn off the guest user so when an email is sent to someone notifying them of a file upload and they then click on the will let them get the file without entering their name and password. I would really like to turn the Guest account off. Can I do this?

16 Jul 2003 10:23 rusi

Re: Question
Make sure that the user access level is not 255. This level has some restrictions that were created for guest and public users. Also access level 0 is reserved for admins and they have access to everything regardless of permissions.

Styles: Right now you can change the css files, as well as the file. However, I want to make it easier to have different themes. Any ideas and contributions are welcome.

If you have a style that you want to contrinute, please send it to me.


09 Jul 2003 12:14 cwg32813

This is a very nice implementation. How do you allow documents created by a user to be modified (by default) by other users. I have found that even though two members are in the same group, they can not post revisions of a document that the other posted.

Also, are you accepting additional styles?



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