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Docmake is a tool to convert DocBook/XML to final formats such as XHTML, PDF, or Word/RTF by invoking lower-level tools such as xsltproc or Apache fop. It is written in Perl. Docmake aims to be a saner replacement for xmlto.

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  •  25 Dec 2011 21:02

Release Notes: Some initial support for DocBook 5: a "--basepath" argument has been added for pointing to alternative XSLT stylesheets, and the "-o" flag has been made optional.

Release Notes: This release fixes the --make option with the "xhtml" mode. Previously, it didn't build the result at all. Some warnings in the --make flag when a non-existing output was specified have been fixed.

Release Notes: The licensing was clarified by adding a COPYING file and removing the incompatible "All rights reserved" phrase. A Makefile.PL file was added for compatibility and keywords and resources' URLs were added.

  •  01 Apr 2009 17:49

Release Notes: This release allows giving --stringparam with a value of an empty string.

  •  11 Jul 2008 21:13

Release Notes: This release release can render into XHTML, PDF, RTF, and FO. Documents (in POD format) and a test suite are provided. There are rudimentary command line options.


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A LED matrix controller.


Project Spotlight


A foundation class library.