Version 1.6 of doclifter

Release Notes: This release has simpler, better entity translation logic. Also, the -s and -x options are removed.

Other releases

  •  19 Mar 2014 01:42

    Release Notes: This release adds a BSD port fix.

    •  27 Sep 2013 22:37

      Release Notes: Simplified and improved ntroff expression evaluation.

      •  17 Jun 2013 21:37

        Release Notes: New logic prevents spurious warnings from .in +N just before .nf. Many more instances of .ta are now automatically handled. Multi-file compilation was broken, and is now repaired.

        •  02 Jun 2013 21:02

          Release Notes: This release deals with W3C moving a math DTD, improves .Bl/.El handling and updates canned strings in mdoc, accepts \(hy in name sections, handles   (inadvertently omitted from DocBook v4), and adds -V for a version option.

          •  19 Mar 2013 12:48

          Release Notes: Trailing comments after table rows are now preserved (example: matherr(3)). Support for some previously missing groff extension glyphs was added. Handling of .Bd/.Be in mdoc was improved.


          Project Spotlight


          A microcontroller assembler.


          Project Spotlight

          Mutt Folder List

          A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.