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  •  03 Sep 2013 23:39

Release Notes: Critical bugfix: with some MS Office files, DocFetcher could get stuck in an infinite indexing loop, causing continuously high CPU usage.

  •  22 Aug 2013 00:05

Release Notes: This release fixes a major network performance issue and an issue with unclosed Excel 2007 files.

Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug related to UNC paths and adds support for MP3 and JPEG metadata. There are also a couple of minor usability improvements, such as a "copy" menu entry in the preview pane.

  •  29 Nov 2012 00:13

Release Notes: This release adds a critical bugfix: The Mac OS X application bundle failed to launch due to permission issues.

  •  12 Nov 2012 23:06

Release Notes: Several bugs have been fixed. Among other things, the program failed to start after being moved between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and the "store relative path" option was broken.

  •  17 Aug 2012 21:46

Release Notes: This release fixes a critical bug on Windows: the program crashed during the indexing of archive files if it was installed on top of a previous program version.

  •  16 Aug 2012 00:54

Release Notes: This release adds various bugfixes and usability-related improvements.

  •  28 Oct 2008 18:19

Release Notes: This release fixes an annoying window layout bug that caused the filter panel to become smaller over time. Other changes include a much improved look when the program is used with the 'Windows classic' theme, and an improved system tray icon on Linux.


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