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  •  09 Jan 2014 22:27

Release Notes: This release added a new Client Strategy Factory option, -ORBDefaultSyncScope, which takes the label "None", "Transport", "Server", or "Target" to define the sync scope to be used when a Messaging SyncScopePolicy is not in use. Recursive typecode handling was improved. Maintenance and support for Solaris 10 with Sun Studio was ended.

  •  12 Nov 2013 02:13

Release Notes: A fix for extra CDR padding bytes following a request header when there are no IN or INOUT arguments in the request. This happened when a request had at least one OUT argument, and also had a service context that ended off a CDR alignment boundary. While this is not a problem for TAO-TAO messaging, some non-TAO servers will reject such requests with a MARSHAL exception. See bug 4141 for more information.

  •  04 Oct 2013 16:45

Release Notes: The max_len argument to ACE_Process::command_line_buf has changed from int* to size_t*. This corrects a mismatch between the argument type and the data member in ACE_Process from which the value comes. Some include files have been removed from ACE.h. These were not required for ACE. Further improvements of the Android port (still a work in progress). The DDS4CCM State connector now keeps the state in DDS. The listeners are now using DDS read so that the state is not destroyed within DDS.

  •  15 May 2013 21:53

Release Notes: High performance implementation Repository [#4104]: the Implementation Repository Locator has been reimplemented using AMI/AMH to avoid the problem of nested upcalls under heavy load.

  •  05 Feb 2010 14:10

Release Notes: Support was added for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Support was added for IDL template modules in the IDL compiler front end. This is partly tested; some parts work, while some do not. A bug in optional ostream operator generation for IDL arrays was fixed. A member validation feature was added to LoadBalancer. Support was added for valuetype repository id and value on both input and output streams. Support for Embarcadero C++ Builder 2010 was added. The TAO_Leader_Follower::set_new_leader_generator() method was added. A missing request id was fixed in logging of LocateRequest/LocateReply & CancelRequest. Problems with ORB shutdown in combination with active requests were fixed.


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