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  •  07 Mar 2009 00:10

Release Notes: This release contains many new features, including support for nsec3, enhanced rollerd deployment modes, and new tools such as lsdnssec and getds. Additionally, it contains some bugfixes over the 1.4 series of code.

  •  19 Jun 2008 07:55

Release Notes: Many improvements were made to the documentation, trust anchor management, key rollover, and zone signing. The validating library has received a number of improvements. There is a new shim library that can be used to bring any application into DNSSEC compliance without recompiling it. Many other changes were made

  •  22 May 2007 21:56

Release Notes: This release included patches for validation in a number of applications: Firefox, Postfix, Sendmail, libspf2, wget, jabber-2, ssh, and ncftp. The included validator library contains an expanded set of validator policy definitions and provides initial support for Dynamic Lookaside Validation (DLV). A new Perl module that binds to the validation library was added along with the trustman utility, an IETF "Timers" implementation for automated monitoring of DNSSEC key rollovers. The key-rollover utility handles KSK rollover operations in addition to ZSK rollover operations within a zone. Many other changes were made.


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