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13 Sep 2004 13:53 psypete

Re: little idea
although i inferred from dnsmasq's docs that you can update the dns to contain a record for a dhcp host based on the dhcp host's advertised name, i went ahead and threw together a perl script to act as a dynamic dns server. the benefit is in instances where you have a dial-up client that wants to keep a hostname in dnsmasq up-to-date with its current public IP. you can try it out at

12 Sep 2004 12:31 psypete

little idea
I was just thinking, it would be awesome if the ability to serve DNS addresses for local machines could be extended to do dynamic dns... that way a machine using dhcp's hostname/domain name could still be resolved from whatever other machine. Or is this already supported?

09 Dec 2002 14:53 Neskren

It was good, it is excellent!
The author just added a new feature to the already excellent dnsmasq: now you can specify which nameservers are to be used for a particular domain!

This solved a problem when using the VPN of my company with my home connection.

Great piece of software: simple and efficient!

10 Jun 2002 13:41 simonkelley

Re: OpenBSD 2.8

> doesn't work on openbsd 2.8,sure looks
> nice though

Version 1.6 is reported as working with OpenBSD 2.8 out of the box. See the FAQ and config.h for instructions on correct compilation.

27 Feb 2002 10:17 simonkelley

Re: OpenBSD 2.8

> doesn't work on openbsd 2.8,sure looks
> nice though

If any openbsd users want to get in touch with me, it shouldn't be difficult to make it work.

20 Feb 2002 12:01 darksniper

OpenBSD 2.8
doesn't work on openbsd 2.8,sure looks nice though

02 Jan 2002 16:18 rootman

Love it!
i've been using DNRD for my small home LAN (which is still a good product). Problem was I wanted to use true dynamic DHCP derived IP's instead of static (or reserved per mac) address and HOSTS entries.

The newest BIND / DHCP do dynamic updates but seemingly don't like servers that are up and down a lot - the db kept getting jazzed.

DNSMASQ does dynamic updates by simply pointing it at the dhcp.leases file. Very simple and elegant!

Be sure to read the actual script - it contains comments about additional features not mentioned inthe breif readme file.

25 Nov 2001 10:03 bmc

Excellent !
I recently switched from bind to dnsmasq, having a small home network, and I'm really very happy with it. Less than 1 MB in RAM, *very* quick, Debian package available for download, etc...

Keep doing it right :)


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