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DNS Hijacker is a libnet/libpcap based DNS sniffer/spoofer. A versatile tool, it supports tcpdump-style filters that allow you to specifically target victims. DNS answers are forged based on entries in a "fabrication table" or by simply forging one answer to all requests. A print-only mode is also supported, allowing one to simply monitor DNS traffic. DNS Hijacker is an excellent tool for blocking and removing advertisements at the network level. The package comes with a default rule file for blocking about 780 known ad servers, as well as instructions on how to incorporate with RRDTool for ad blocking statistics generation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Dec 2002 22:25

    Release Notes: A DLT_RAW datalink interface for PPP users has been added. A buffer overflow condition in the convert name routine has been fixed. Future versions will be ported to use Libnet 1.1.0.

    •  04 Jun 2002 20:05

      Release Notes: Removal of unused signal handling code which caused x-platform issues, switching to dynamic memory allocation for fabrication table, and changing the pcap_open_live timeout which caused problems on FreeBSD.

      •  01 Jun 2002 20:58

        Release Notes: DNS Hijacker can now be daemonized. A number of spoofed answers count were added. An option to suppress ignored activity output was added. An option to output statistics via rrdtool was added. Miscellaneous code cleanup was done. A great deal of documentation was added, including instructions for statistics output and ad removal.

        •  08 Jul 2001 05:08

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          08 Jul 2001 13:38 pedram

          Re: script kiddie tools on freshmeat?

          > what's the world coming to?
          > I am not sure Freshmeat should host
          > this kind of software...

          Perhaps you should rethink your statement. This tool is only effective on a LAN and requires a lot more work then simply running it in order to actually attack anyone. Furthermore aside from the comical effect of such a tool don't forget the practical use of running DNS Hijacker on your LAN to put a quick end to ad servers, or perhaps even as a low budget "net nanny".


          08 Jul 2001 13:24 timecop

          script kiddie tools on freshmeat?
          what's the world coming to?
          I am not sure Freshmeat should host this kind of software...


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