Version 0.7 of dnscrypt-proxy

Release Notes: Initial public release.

Other releases

  •  22 Apr 2013 23:49

Release Notes: This release ships with the Sodium library, which brings significant performance improvements over previous versions. A new command-line switch, --loglevel, has been added to adjust the log verbosity.

  •  24 Sep 2012 21:47

Release Notes: This is a major release with numerous bugfixes, compatibility improvements, and new features. dnscrypt-proxy can now be extended using dynamically loaded plugins that can inspect and alter DNS packets. Upgrading is recommended, especially on Windows and Android.

  •  14 Sep 2012 00:51

Release Notes: The Android build script has been fixed, memory leaks when fetching certificates have been fixed, a bad use-after-free condition has been fixed, and uninitialized variables have been initialized. Updating is highly recommended, especially on Windows. The plugin API has been documented, and a new configuration flag, --enable-relaxed-plugins-permissions, allows loading plugin files which are not owned by root or by the current user.

  •  09 Sep 2012 21:04

Release Notes: dnscrypt-proxy can now use plugins to alter/inspect queries and responses before and after they are relayed. The default max payload size has been trimmed to 1,252 bytes for compatibility with some scary network setups. The --local-port and --resolver-port options are gone for good. They had been deprecated for a while.

  •  31 Jul 2012 23:10

    Release Notes: dnscrypt-proxy and hostip can now be compiled for Android and Solaris. The proxy can now run as a Windows service, with startup options read from the Windows registry.


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