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26 Oct 2002 12:33 shaman

Works great
The software is stable, and dnscache works really well. However, like all DJB software, it's really very quirky to get running and installed.

That said, it's working fantastic as a DNS cache for my network... I have two big DNS caches with 850MB of cache apiece (yes, you read that right) and the other machines all have 5MB of local dns cache. My network feels 3x snappier now without adding any egress bandwidth. Wow.

If there's a better dns cache than the one in djbdns, let me know. :)

As far as tinydns goes, it works flawlessly and is brutally quick at what it does, considering the way it does it. My only complaints with it are in the management tools.

11 Oct 2002 05:21 samboy

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
I agree that Dan has a less than ideal license for his solution. For example, I can not mirror all of the tools needed to make DjbDNS work on my web page because daemontools' license does not allow it to be anywhere except on And, the documentation is only available on and can not be legally mirrored.

That said, Dan's software does not need constant revisions. Qmail does one thing and one thing well (though it has problems being an outgoing SMTP server due to an annoying intermittent 90-second delay); it does not need security updates because the code was written securely from the onset. Ditto with DjbDNS.

I wrote MaraDNS so that the internet would have a simple bare-bones DNS server (with all of the essentials: Caching and authoritative serving) which is both fully open-source and uses no BIND code. It is, roughly speaking, the "Postfix" of DNS servers. There's also Posadis, which is not recurisve (caching) yet, and is more geared to people who want something more BIND-like than DjbDNS or MaraDNS.

- Sam

01 Sep 2002 03:06 luhan

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
I have just build a DNS with djbdns,and i found it really nice(than bind).But after reading these articles above,i wonder if djbdns will die.

06 Feb 2002 02:29 akukula

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
I prefer to use 5-year old, or even 50-year old freeware djbdns than brand-new Open Sourced BIND full of shit and bugs...

I can set up DNSCache in 10 minutes and I am sure that it will never go down... or more, that it will never bring my box to its knees.

I can set up TinyDNS in 10 minutes, write 1000+ domains in one simple database and be sure that they will be serviced properly.

Moreover, I have simple utilities like dnsname, dnsip, dnsq, dnsqr, dnstrace, all of them help me easily diagnose problems.

19 Nov 2001 20:58 bryanhenderson

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
I guess the license must have changed since this comment was made. I looked all around and found djbdns to be nothing but freeware. Freeware means you get it without having to give anything in return. The comment implies it is not freeware - that the user must give in exchange for the software a promise not to distribute modifications of it. I don't see that anywhere today. I don't even see the usual "you must indemnify me against damage done by my negligent coding" demand.

04 Aug 2001 19:03 enflux

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
hrmm interesting. qmail remains to be one of the most scalable and stable mta's around. djb did not loose interest, qmail 2.0 is in the works as well as the website stays current, evidence that he still has an interest in the project. qmail does not NEED other versions, why? because it was done RIGHT the first time. as for djb's license practices i totally agree with him. open source is an idea, not a facist religion. INOW a persons code is HIS code, freely distributable only if he wants it that way, this follows along the lines of my belief as well. i too am an open source contributor and have worked on several patches for qmail etc... after all, interesting on how a dead project has yet to have a bug found in it as the prize money has been yet unclaimed after many years.

03 Apr 2001 13:29 RefreshDaemon

Re: DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years
legaly and easily (because the source IS available) you can patch his shit to your contentment. If qmail is dead, which I didn't realise, their is no risk of future releases being incompatible with patches so its conceivable that a sourceforge, qmail patching project could be started

28 Mar 2001 14:38 snatcher

DJBDNS will be dead in 2 years

DJBDNS will be dead in two years from now, as soon as DJB loses his interest in it, like happened to qmail.

Both of them are "One man's project", and worse, you can't share improvements with anyone (to reduce your costs).

Some time after DJB loses his interest on it and forgot to continue the project, you'll have to face your boss and say "Yes, I know I've done a lot of advertising about OpenSource and all about, but this project is dead". Like happened when qmail died.

Just remember: DJBDNS and qmail are NOT Free Software! It's freeware with source available. So, it misses the *core* of the OpenSource idea, which DJB seems to use but not to understand.

At this perspective, DJB codes only to himself.


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