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DNRD is a proxy DNS daemon. It supports several forward servers for redundancy and/or load-balancing. DNS queries for specific domains can be forwarded to a specific group of DNS servers (with redundancy and load balancing) for that domain. It is very useful in VPN and dialup environments but can also be used as a DNS cache or ad-blocker for networks and workstations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2007 17:31

    Release Notes: A bug that caused all servers for a domain to be disabled upon a timeout was fixed.

    •  30 Nov 2005 11:50

      Release Notes: A bug which occurred when binding dnrd to a specific address was fixed.

      •  29 Aug 2005 17:49

        Release Notes: Some minor bugs have been fixed and an option for generating statistics has been added. An option for specifying a blacklist has also been added. The default user id has been changed from "nobody" to "dnrd".

        •  21 Jul 2005 15:50

          Release Notes: A buffer and stack overflow that can be used for DoS attacks and possible remote execution was fixed. DNRD runs in a chroot environment and as non-root, but it is recommended to upgrade anyway.

          •  10 Feb 2005 10:29

            Release Notes: Cygwin support was added. Some issues with deactivation and reactivation of upstream servers were fixed.

            Recent comments

            24 Mar 2000 09:08 ckolumbus

            almost completely usable...
            I can't support the statements from Konstantin.
            I'm using 'dnrd' as relay daemon for my masquareded network at home and it works perfectly, but I don't use 'nscd'.

            07 Dec 1999 21:45 kand

            almost unusable
            Here is some annoying 'features'
            1) I need restart daemon if to use another dns-server (dial to another provider)
            2) when I restart daemon I loose the cache
            3) kill -SIGHUP does not reread master definition. Instead, I loose this definition entirely.
            4) dsnquery, host, nslookup return contradictory results when quering this daemon
            5) If I not dialed in, my QMail gets negative responses for any query and bounces my mail.

            Thats not all, but enough


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