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DNHTTPD is a lightweight and high performance HTTP server implemented in Perl. It supports the use of virtual hosts and runs CGI scripts. It's extremely simple to set up and configure, and performs well under heavy load.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jan 2002 23:07

    Release Notes: SSL support added.

    •  24 Oct 2001 08:47

      Release Notes: Completely new code for managing virtual hosts which lets you assign individual IP addresses and ports (if you want) was added. It's ready to work with SSL support when that gets implemented. Much better CGI script support added, including full parsing and processing of CGI scripts' responses as per the CGI/1.1 specfication. Lots of small optimisations, tweaks and improvements added. On-the-fly recompiling was removed, as it caused some instability. Program noe forks into the background on startup.

      •  03 Jul 2001 12:10

        Release Notes: This release fixes a security problem where you could use hex codes to browser higher level directories.

        •  31 May 2001 14:46

          Release Notes: A CGI implementation, a new "debug" mode that dumps the request when there's an error so you can see what's going wrong, most error messages show additional information about what exactly caused the error, and sending the server a SIGHUP will make it recompile itself on the fly and reload the configuration files without interrupting the service.

          •  26 May 2001 05:32

            Release Notes: Much-improved directory listing and error messages, optionally applying a stylesheet of your choice to server generated pages, alphabetical listing of directories including content-sensitive icons, timestamps, file sizes in bytes, kB, or MB to 2 decimal places, holding stylesheet and icons in a memory cache to reduce access time, and support for hex-encoded characters in request URLs (e.g., %20 for a space).

            Recent comments

            24 May 2001 10:10 dougneal

            Re: perl

            > it's fully written in perl. this should
            > be included in the description.

            There you go ;)

            20 May 2001 13:12 tvk

            it's fully written in perl. this should be included in the description.


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