Comments for 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator

31 Dec 2007 14:39 slicer

Re: Divine Grace
You're correct about the Divine Grace feature. I will add this
to the next release.

As for alignment checking, I will make a small change. The
generator will warn about alignment restrictions, but not
enforce them.

I hope to have the next version out in the first quarter of
2008, work permitting. If you have any further suggestions
or bug reports, please e-mail me. I don't often check the
comments section here.

Thank you,

24 Dec 2007 02:10 Soulas

Divine Grace
the added bonus to saves from the paladin's divine grace isn't added. Also with the addition of some variant classes, for example a chaotic good "Freedom" paladin, might be easier to not have the alignment restrictions. I know I sometimes change things up and allow things that aren't in the rules, so maybe an override mode where those restrictions aren't there would be useful.

29 Jun 2006 12:49 slicer

Pre-created characters
For the next release, I would like to include pre-created (1st level) characters. The user would be able to select pre-made characters from a list, guided by a brief description. For example, "Grog - Half-Orc Barbarian, strong, dumb and ugly."

So, I am sending out a call for you, the users, to make up some basic, first level characters. Save them in the Generator and e-mail the Save Character text to me. I'll try to include them in the next release. You'll become immortal and it'll aid newbies in creating characters quickly.

Do not forget to include a name, a small description and your name (if you want credit).

24 Sep 2005 17:32 slicer

Internet Explorer bug fixed
The bug causing the character to
not display in IE has been corrected as
of version 2.6.

Please download and test. Your comments
are welcome.

06 Apr 2005 12:59 slicer

Please help finding bug.
I've been receiving bug reports from people using

Internet Explorer (version 6) since the release of the

Character Generator 2.4

The bug seems to cause character sheets to not display properly and to make character leveling (after initial creation) impossible.

These bugs seem to only appear in Internet Explorer.

Other web browsers, such as Opera, Firefox and Mozilla

continue to functin normally. So far I have been unable to

re-produce the IE bug(s). If anyone out there has a copy

of IE 6.0, would you please try to get a Java Script error and

e-mail it to me at slicer69 at Thank you.

05 Sep 2004 08:46 slicer


> I don't see any way to download this

> script... maybe I'm

> just blind.

You can download the HTML/JavaScript by going to

You can then save the script by going to the File menu of

your browser and clicking "Save As".

There is a backup mirror at

Also, if you e-mail me, slicer69 at hotmail dot com

(subject: Character Generator), I'll e-mail you a zip file with the script.

01 Sep 2004 09:26 shaman

No downloads?
I don't see any way to download this script... maybe I'm

just blind.


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