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DNALinux is a live Linux distribution with bioinformatics software preloaded. It is for people who find it hard to install EMBOSS, Primer3, BLAST, and other bioinformatics software or who want to have a test system for class or demonstration purposes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2006 14:57

    Release Notes: The server edition features a live NCBI BLAST server. The H5N1 genomic sequence is included, but you can install you own sequence database. This version is based on Slax 5.10 and Apache 2.

    •  08 Nov 2005 13:57

      Release Notes: The base system was updated, and is now based on Slax 5.04 (with Kernel 2.6.x). Several new features were added, like installation to a hard drive. The bioinformatics applications were updated: EMBOSS 3.0.0, BLAST 2.2.10, FinchTV, and new programs were added. Access to bioinformatics programs from KDE was added. This is a beta release because the bioinformatics icons are missing and because some Java programs are not working. FinchTV text is also not displayed correctly. Most bioinformatics programs work fine.

      •  04 Nov 2004 12:07

        Release Notes: The system is now based on Slax 4.1.4. EMBOSS was updated to 2.9.0 with full PNG and X11 support for prettyplot, dotmatcher, and polydot. FinchTV 1.2, an ABI DNA raw sequence data graphical viewer was added.

        •  13 Sep 2004 14:11

          Release Notes: A JRE and develper tools for C, Perl, and Python were added. Sim4 was added, which is a similarity-based tool for aligning an expressed DNA sequence with a genomic sequence for the gene. Apollo, a graphical sequence editor, was added.

          •  11 Jul 2004 05:12

            Release Notes: This release features an updated base distro (Slax 4.1.2 instead of 3.x series) that includes several modifications and the last NCBI BLAST (2.2.9).


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