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The debug memory allocation or dmalloc library is a drop-in replacement for the system's native memory management routines. It provides powerful debugging facilities which are configurable at runtime. These facilities include such things as memory-leak tracking, fence-post write detection, file/line number reporting, and general logging of statistics. The library has been run successfully on a wide variety of operating systems. It also provides support for the debugging of threaded programs.


Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2001 05:12

    Release Notes: A new configure script to fix the CXX problem, addition of --enable-shlib to configure enabling building of shared libs, autoconf handling of the shlibdir for installing shared libs, improvements to the shared library creation in the Makefile, and a fix for the #ident "..."; semi-colon problem.

    •  10 Nov 2000 19:05

      Release Notes: A new Makefile in the OpenBSD port, autoconf handling of #ident to fix problems with the new egcs compiler, log-unknown is the default behavior and deprecation of the token, and addition of the log-known token to only report on known memory with file and line information. The functions [d]malloc_verify return [D]MALLOC_VERIFY_[NO]ERROR. dmalloc_debug() takes an uint value and returns the value of the old flags. debug_current() returns a uint value. Every function initializes the library, and a fix for a bug with the divided-block free list.

      •  07 Jul 2000 00:02

        Release Notes: The presence of a C++ compiler is now autodetected for the purposes of building libmallocxx.a. Initial mprotect autoconfiguration and stub functions were added to the library although these are not yet useful. A bug where the 1st dblock allocation in a block would not have been found in non-freed memory lists was fixed. Some portability problems with the environmental variable initialization values were fixed.


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