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Release Notes: The path for Windows was fixed. A test for the correct version of wxEuphoria was added. A checkbox was added to optionally limit the number of foods displayed, making it faster.

Release Notes: Font options were added; previously there were only font size options. A picture was added in the intro screen. The label for Selected Food is larger.

Release Notes: Search engine options and browser options were added. A minor bug was fixed for SR19. An 'ini' subdirectory was added to reduce clutter.

Release Notes: The Internet were expanded with Google Web, Google Books, Google Scholar, and Factbites options. A "Calories to 100%" button was added. A "rutgers.html" file was added to the documentation.

Release Notes: This version is updated for SR17.

Release Notes: Vitamin K was added. Common kitchen measures were added.

Release Notes: A third column was added to the diet box. Useless text file options were removed. Time wasting code was improved.

Release Notes: HTML options were added for saving the foods list, the nutrients list, and the diet list. Junk save options were removed. A favorite_foods.ini file was added. The popup for the foods list was removed, and options were simplified. On startup, the foods in favorite_foods.ini are emphasized. On 'save settings and exit', emphasized foods are saved to favorite_foods.ini.


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