Version 0.2.8 of djvusmooth

Release Notes: Handling of non-ASCII filenames was fixed.

    Other releases

    •  23 Feb 2013 01:04

      Release Notes: The “Open recent” submenu was added.

      •  02 Oct 2012 22:34

        Release Notes: When a zone broader than a line without sub-zones existed, djvusmooth incorrectly skipped it when importing text from an external editor. This bug was fixed in this release.

        •  16 Jun 2012 13:46

          Release Notes: This release fixes an exception when using “Fit width”, “Fit height”, and “Stretch” zoom factors when no page is shown, and other minor bugs.

          •  18 Feb 2011 21:54

            Release Notes: A minor GUI glitch was fixed.

            •  19 Jan 2011 22:39

              Release Notes: Support for external editors that use the overwrite-by-rename technique was fixed.


              Project Spotlight


              A ncurses-based Jabber client.


              Project Spotlight


              Software that converts data into something meaningful and interpretable.