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Dive Log Book

Dive Log Book is an easy-to-use logbook for scuba diving. It makes it possible to record basic dive data, dive notes with photos, and weather conditions. It also provides simple statistics. Records can be exported into a PDF document or an interactive Web page.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Apr 2012 15:08

    Release Notes: This release fixes the "delete dive log" page (deleted dive page images were not removed), adds an image file chooser component pointing to the selected image file path after first image file selection in the dive notes screen, expands the image area into two rows in the dive notes screen, changes the mouse pointer to the timeglass while exporting a text document and issues a notification when the document is ready, adds a "No image available" picture when the dive log page does not contain any images in an exported PDF document, and fixes FOP PDF conversion warnings.

    •  03 Feb 2012 08:16

      Release Notes: This release adds image view slide show functionality into exported HTML documents.

      •  19 Jul 2011 09:46

        Release Notes: The PDF generating library (FOP) was updated to version 1.0, and associated code was refactored. HTML document export was enhanced with a new, more powerful layout for Web data presentation. An odd "Date format" error when starting the application for the first time and with no data filled in was fixed.

        •  13 Jul 2011 17:36

          Release Notes: Dive statistics enhancement: surface air consumption (SAC) statistics have been added. Dive data page elements have been re-arranged. Web page generation has been fixed: a working layout for HTML documents has been created.

          •  23 May 2011 17:46

            Release Notes: Two text fields have been added to the Dive Data Page, one for dive buddy and another for air consumption calculation. "Null" values are prevented for all String type fields.


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