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Dissy is a disassembler for multiple architectures. It is implemented as a graphical frontend to objdump. It allows fast navigation through the disassembled code and easy searching for addresses and symbols.


Recent releases

  •  13 Feb 2011 07:08

    Release Notes: The ability to export workspaces and comment instructions was added. More ARM and PowerPC instructions are described. The GUI has been refactored and various bugs and improvements have been fixed.

    •  11 Mar 2009 21:02

      Release Notes: An instruction information box has been added. This release will display instructions affecting condition flags at conditional branches. An icon has been added. Various bugs have been fixed.

      •  31 Jan 2009 18:34

        Release Notes: A special case was added to handle Linux crash dumps. Parsing of some PowerPC branch instructions was added.

        •  25 Jan 2008 14:28

          Release Notes: This release adds a workaround for a objdump bug which prevented instructions from showing in certain binaries, and adds better support for ARM and PowerPC binaries. The objdump to use can now be set in an environment variable, and history now works as in Web browsers.

          •  05 Aug 2007 12:49

            Release Notes: History navigation was added (like a Web browser's back/forward feature). Several addresses or labels can now be pasted into the location bar to create a callchain history. Minor bugs were fixed.

            Recent comments

            25 Nov 2013 08:28 sys2066

            I've reimplemented Dissy from scratch (and renamed it). The new project can be found on or here at

            I'd suggest all Dissy users to try EmilPRO instead - I won't make any further updates to Dissy.


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