Version 0.8.4 of dircproxy

Release Notes: Fixes for all the DCC SEND proxying problems people have been having with a rework of the main polling loop and the way that send proxying works, a couple of minor bugs, a potential crashing problem, and the faulty 'from' config directive, a new 'initial_modes' config directive, and new '/DIRCPROXY JUMP' syntax.

Other releases

  •  16 Jan 2009 15:10

Release Notes: This Release Candidate 1 adds crash fixes and documentation updates.

Release Notes: Binding to a local IP address is allowed. A new "/dircproxy RELOAD" command was added to reload the configuration. More DCC Resume support, OS X support, and 005 support were added. SSL and IPv6 support are available as an experiment. A new "/dircproxy NOTIFY" command and support for MD5 passwords in the configuration file were added.

  •  21 Nov 2002 10:21

Release Notes: DALnet recently changed the meaning of the +r user mode: instead of indicating that your connection has been restricted, it is now used to indiciate that you have successfully registered with NickServ. The old default action of dircproxy was to disconnect from a server which set this mode, and this has now been changed.

  •  09 Sep 2002 09:56

Release Notes: Zombie processes and core dumps which occurred while doing DNS lookups or reloading the configuration file were fixed. An occasional problem where logs from more than one connection class could get placed in the same directory was fixed.

Release Notes: Signals are now handled in a more reentrant way to prevent any zombie/defunct processes. The DCC error messages were improved. There is a new logging infrastructure, the internal log directory name generation was fixed so that different connections' logs don't occasionally get merged, private messages are now internally logged and recalled separately, and for your own permanent copy they are logged in files named after the nickname rather than all together.


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