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Version 0.7.6 of DINO

Release Notes:

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    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Release Notes: The GUI has been tweaked. A startup file, SPIDER scalar map format, and GROMACS TRJ format have been added. Code cleanup and numerous bugfixes result in increased speed and stability. The XInput driver is finally implemented for Linux, which allows dialbox and spaceball to be used.

    Release Notes: A MacOS X version was added, including a decent GUI. Output from POVray v3.5 is now supported. Many other changes were also made.

    •  23 Aug 2001 18:13

    Release Notes: The new version is now officially out, along with some updates to the webpage and the tutorial section. The new POVray tutorial is especially worth a visit.

    Release Notes: A significant number of bugfixes and new features have been incorporated since 0.8.3.


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