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DigiTools aims to provide full hardware support on Linux for the specialized equipment that comes standard with the ASUS Digimatrix barebones system.

Operating Systems

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  •  07 Sep 2006 11:46

Release Notes: This release fixes a minor bug which caused the "dist" target to make tarballs without a base "digitools/" directory containing the archived files.

  •  01 Aug 2006 09:27

Release Notes: The code was cleaned up to get rid of stricter GCC warnings. Random capitalizations in variable names were eliminated. "return value" is now consistently used instead of "return(value)". The make target "dist" was added for creating .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 archives that exclude the .svn directory. A test is done to ensure that the daemon was successfully killed.

  •  28 Jul 2006 23:54

Release Notes: Control of most of the Digimatrix hardware is possible in a limited manner, however currently no progress has been made on usage of the front panel buttons. This project is currently utilized by the GeeXboX project to provide better support of the Digimatrix as a home theatre system.


Project Spotlight


A diskless or systemless environment for client machines.


Project Spotlight


An FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner for audio files.