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17 Aug 2004 06:39 nexuscompu

DigiTemp in Debian unstable!
DigiTemp has just been accepted into Debian, it is currently in the unstable tree. If you have other platforms that you can compile it on it would be appreciated if you could try it out. The DigiTemp debian page can be found here (


05 Aug 2002 10:15 nexuscompu

NetSaint and Nagios script is now available
You can now integrate DigiTemp into your network monitoring if you are using the NetSaint or Nagios monitoring software. The Perl script is available from here (, instructions for installation are in the comments at the top of the script.


30 Jan 2001 01:08 nexuscompu

Brian's Big Goof
I just discovered a long standing mistake with the DigiTemp hardware. The DS1820 temperature sensors should have their Vdd lines tied to GND for the parasite power mode to work correctly (assuming you aren't using it with an external +5v supply).
With it floating you will notice that it sometimes reads successfully and other times doesn't read anything at all.

Sorry for this big mistake...


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