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DigitalDJ is an SQL-based MP3-player frontend designed for people who want to create an MP3 version of their CD collection. It is designed to work with the Grip ripping/encoding application (but can be used separately). When Grip encodes MP3 files, it will place all of the song information into an SQL database. DigitalDJ can then use this information to create playlists based on a number of criteria.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2003 05:13

    Release Notes: A fix was made to allow compilation against newer versions of MySQL.

    •  03 Nov 2003 18:34

      Release Notes: A crashing problem when trying to initialize the database from scratch has been fixed.

      •  01 May 2003 19:07

        Release Notes: Deprecated MySQL client routines were removed, making it possible to compile against newer versions of MySQL.

        •  22 Oct 2002 16:29

          Release Notes: Saving and loading of artist and disc playlists is now supported. Album cover art is now displayed within the application, and can be automatically added by pasting a URL into the image display box.

          •  18 Oct 2002 16:53

            Release Notes: An infrared remote control (using lirc) was added. The code base was converted to use GNU configure.

            Recent comments

            23 Feb 2002 13:44 amix

            Insert old tunes into database !?

            Hi, I have lost my mySQL database when I upgraded the distro. Now I have several CD albums ripped with 'grip' in my $HOME but they are no part of the SQL database anymore.

            Is there an utility to "re-import" these using the ddj format ?

            This is a very very nice application, that complements 'grip', a graphical CD-ripper and encoder by the same author. I would recommend these tools to anyone.

            09 Dec 1999 21:15 pralix

            DigitalDJ 0.6
            Anyone have a Perl script to convert the old database to the new one? I would hate to rerip all my MP3 files.


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