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DigicaMerge is a commandline tool to merge directories of pictures taken with digital cameras. If you've got a digital camera, your hard disk probably contains many directories full of pictures all named with the same names. This utility allows you to merge such directories' contents into a new directory, and renames all the pictures on the fly, ensuring no filename clash will occur. You can define your own naming scheme, using either a set of predefined variables or any recognized Exif tag which may be present in your pictures, and also specify a pattern to select only certain files.

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  •  19 Feb 2006 08:29

Release Notes: A command line option was added to automatically remove duplicate pictures when merging directories. The manual page is now included in the package.

  •  24 Jul 2004 22:41

Release Notes: In this version, Python's special comment to indicate the charset used was added in order to remove the warning which was displayed when running.

  •  05 Jan 2004 06:28

Release Notes: More variables are allowed in the naming scheme. The -C|--copy command line option was added to allow people to copy files instead of moving them.

  •  18 Dec 2003 11:24

Release Notes: This software can now use either one of the two existing EXIF modules for Python. It is not limited anymore to the old python-exif module present on SourceForge.

  •  10 Jan 2003 05:32

Release Notes: DigicaMerge can now launch external post-processing commands, giving them access to many environment variables and allowing complete control over filesystem modifications. External commands can transparently access the Exif data present in pictures, as well as source and destination filename components (directory, filename, basename, and extension) through environment variables prefixed with the "DGCM" string. Better handling of errors has been added and a small bug has been fixed.


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