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DiffJ is a commandline application that compares Java files based on content, not whitespace, comments, or reordering of types, methods, or fields. Its output is based on the Unix program diff, and it also has a "brief" output format for a concise summary of what changed. It can work on directories recursively, looking for matching filenames, like "diff -r dir0 dir1". It is primarily for developers refactoring and reformatting Java code, for which most difference tools tend to produce misleading results regarding the type and extent of changes.

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  •  20 Jun 2012 23:20

Release Notes: This release has been rewritten in JRuby and adds an option for user-specified highlight colors (--from-color and --to-color).

  •  13 Nov 2011 18:09

    Release Notes: This version adds colorization of differences. The -u parameter is now handled for compatibility with svn.

    •  29 Apr 2009 10:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug (NullPointerException) that was generated when displaying an added or deleted imports block when there are no types (interfaces, classes) defined.

      •  25 Nov 2007 09:50

      Release Notes: This release has been changed so that output of code added and deleted more closely matches the output produced by diff, that is, displaying only the line(s) added/deleted.

      •  10 Aug 2007 15:07

      Release Notes: The difference comparator of functions (methods and constructors) has been fixed, and the default Java source is now 1.5.


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