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Release Notes: This release contains a large number of code changes made according to Perl Best Practices and Perl::Critic advisories. Level 5 and 4 are complete for the CLI management tool, as well as most level 3 changes. Some development structures have been added to the CSM; these files contain development environment variables, settings, and aliases used to govern and enhance the coding environment. Http conf.d has been modified to avoid duplicate aliases.

Release Notes: The manual and other documentation, including images and diagrams, have been updated. The retrieve function now reads zero or more hyphens when used in a volume naming policy.

Release Notes: New features include the ability to stop, pause, and resume operations, and a log parser to condense-display a selectable amount of logs from each node. Statistics reporting was improved for disk usage, average diff size, archive storage, and list of volumes archived. An extra storage structure was added to the time-extend operation. Bandwidth calcs can retrieve and build a utility for assisting storage calculations. A Makefile, RPM spec, and Debian packaging structure were added, allowing you to produce an rpm, deb, or dist-tarball. Significant documentation updates were done, including a man page and flash configure demo. More bugs have been resolved regarding time-zone compensation and other minor issues.

Release Notes: The primary focus for this release is the implementation of an operational UTC time zone compensation mechanism. This allows the user to specify in which time zone each node resides, and therefore data transfer between the nodes will be synchronized across different international time zones. Daylight saving adjustments are automatic. The documentation has been updated. A bugfix that corrects node C collection phase has been applied.

  •  31 Mar 2010 22:02

Release Notes: The test DIASER uses to fill the system with archive volumes has been improved for reliability, and additional measures taken to improve the robustness of this operation. Some minor documentation updates have been applied.

  •  28 Feb 2010 22:23

Release Notes: This release includes a critical bugfix that prevented Ubuntu node installation. Some new diagrams have been added to describe how DIASER Accumulates, then Replicates, and then Manages archives.

Release Notes: There is now a tool that will allow the user to test the real, not theoretical, potential data throughput between two nodes. This will allow determination of the lowest maximum bandwidth between nodes. --bandwidth will generate a graph displaying the highest throughput possible. This release has an outline and partial implementation of sub migrate(), which will allow DIASER users to move a node from one machine or VM/VPS to another. There have been minor bugfixes and typo corrections, and a fix to the fill DIASER algorithm. The ROADMAP has also been adjusted. The documentation has been updated to include the new features.

Release Notes: This release contains a number of bugfixes, refinements to the walk through --configure tool, and a switch from using md5 to sha1 check-summing of volumes as they enter DIASER, as well as corresponding documentation updates. The Web site now hosts a short flash demo mini tutorial of the --configure tool in action.

Release Notes: All code now spans 78 characters. All long strings have been concatenated to use multiple lines. Documents have been changed to reflect that will run on Perl 5.8.8. All tab indentations have been converted to 4 spaces only. This release pads out the development roadmap and release cycle.

Release Notes: This is the first deployable alpha. The storage architecture is stable, is able to take real backup data, is upgradable, and is secure, but is limited to these controls: migration, reporting, manual data retrieval, and some management features. A small bandwidth to space conversion chart was added as a pre-cursor to the calculate_lmb subroutine data added to an updated INSTALL. Data flow through the system has been ok for the past two days and does not need Net::SSH::Perl on nodes.


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