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28 Dec 2011 11:03 djzort

check out some shapes at...


08 Sep 2006 20:08 jfz

Thanks for not restricting this.
Just wanted to say thanks for making such a useful

tool and not restricting it to KDE /GNOME.

02 Feb 2006 06:52 allgaeutobias

How to Set a Scale (e. g. 1:50)?

Iím new to Dia.

It looks very good. Congratulations to the developers!

Iíd like to draw up a building plan and havenít found a way to set the scale of the canvas (e. g. 1:50).

Can anyone shed some light on this?



25 Feb 2005 21:07 parubok

Latex labels in dia
I love dia, but I have to switch to some other editors such as ipe and xfig when I need good looking latex-style labels on my diagrams. Dia would be golden if it had the same option.

13 Jun 2004 03:39 spacetux

DIA for Windows
Hi All!

Dia is an excellent tool to create diagrams. I had some trouble first to put these diagrams into my Word (Office XP) documents, but when you install Adobe's SVG viewer plugin and export your diagrams to the SVG format, you get excellent scalable diagrams!

At the moment of writing:

PS. For Java UML Diagramming I prefer Jude! Go check it out!

05 May 2004 11:20 lrclause

Re: Very useful

> This is a really cool application.


> Of course, it is not as powerful as

> Visio (Scriping, Thousands of Icons),

> but the basic functionality works.


> If you're an serious programmer, this

> is, what you waited for.

Only got about 600 icons, most of which are Cisco

items. But we could start taking icons from other

places, i.e. XFig. And scripting we have, though only

Python at the moment, and not too well integrated.


05 May 2004 01:29 maho

Re: clipboard



> Pasting into normal text objects can be

> done with Edit->Paste Text, in

> properties dialogs with normal Ctrl-V

> under Windows.


> -Lars


believe me, that it didn't work. But it was more then one 1 ago, so I don't remember details. Maybe it's fixed now


05 May 2004 01:19 lrclause

Re: clipboard

> nice program, but unusable for me. i

> need to draw function calling in my app,

> including source code, and under

> windows. unforunately under M$ doesn't

> work clipboard paste. so i cannot paste

> my source to graph.

Pasting into normal text objects can be done with Edit->Paste Text, in properties dialogs with normal Ctrl-V under Windows.


04 May 2004 11:32 lrclause

Re: Outstanding!

> This application is genuinely good. As a

> developer I can tell that some thought

> really went into this code. It can

> generate high quality postcript figures

> quickly and easily. Need a network

> diagram ... zap. Need a schematic of a

> screen layout ... bang. So far nothing

> with respect to the layout engine

> surprised me. Very consistent. The page

> layout controls are fantastic. You can

> generate/print very nice postscript.

Thank you! I'm very happy that you find it so useful.

> I

> would rather the right-click menu have

> some of the more commonly used items at

> the root (delete, object specific

> properties)

Properties entry has gone to the context menu, delete

and some other things could reasonably go there too.

Good idea.

> and it would be great if

> some settings could be saved for future

> settings (e.g scale) but all of the

> fundamentals are there. Outstanding job

> folks! Thank you.

Scale setting is now saved along with the diagram.


04 May 2004 11:23 lrclause

Re: Trying to use it in Windows

> Forget it. You'd think I'm the first

> person to ever try to import a dia

> diagram into MS Word. I can't find a

> file format that works correctly. Makes

> it unusable to me and who knows how many

> others.

I've had good luck with the WMF format, which can be

exported in the Windows version of Dia (having access

to a Windows library for it). Unfortunately, Word

doesn't understand a whole lot of open formats.

> Very frustrating that it's close to

> being a solid product but there are so

> many annoyances that I can't use it (no

> hot key to toggle grid snap!?!?! or at

> least alloy using <alt> to get you

> off grid while dragging). Sometimes

> middle mouse drag will scroll the

> canvas, sometimes it won't. Soooo

> shoddy.

Ctrl-G is already used for Grouping and Ctrl-S for save,

not sure what else would be logical. Using Alt to turn it

off during dragging might be useful. Middles mouse

drag scrolls the canvas if the middle mouse button it

not taken by a context menu (except the bastard

Windows always grabs the middle mouse button for

scrolling, regardless of what the app wants)



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