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dhcp-forwarder is a DHCP relay agent which forwards DHCP messages between subnets with different sublayer broadcast domains. It runs as non-root in a chroot-jail.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Dec 2008 20:27

    Release Notes: This version is licensed under the GPLv3. It supports variable expansion in the configuration file and customization of ports used. Build problems on big-endian systems were fixed.

    •  19 Aug 2004 21:29

      Release Notes: This version fixes compilation issues with dietlibc 0.27.

      •  17 Jun 2004 12:37

        Release Notes: This version makes it possible to run multiple instances of the program on the same machine.

        •  16 Jul 2003 11:04

          Release Notes: This version allows the '.' characters in interface names for compatibility with VLAN kernels.

          •  29 Aug 2002 18:17

            Release Notes: Bad usage of alloca() was fixed in this release, daemonizing code detaches from the controlling terminal, and non-ethernet interfaces (e.g. PPP) on the server side are accepted now. There are minor code cleanups, and it should compile with uClibc too.


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