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  •  02 Dec 2008 22:07

Release Notes: This release fixes the flapping interface link clearing timer. This release warns correctly if there is not a monotonic clock. Host routes are now correctly added and removed on BSD systems. Subnet routes with metrics have a source address on Linux systems.

  •  26 Nov 2008 12:33

Release Notes: The addition of host routes was fixed.

  •  21 Nov 2008 14:06

Release Notes: This release no longer sends a ClientID by default (which mirrors the in-kernel DHCP client).

  •  04 Nov 2008 15:06

Release Notes: Trailing NULLs in string options are stripped.

  •  29 Oct 2008 13:26

    Release Notes: DHCP_DECLINE support was fixed. The dhcpcd-3 .info file is recreated if using the compat shim. The ntp.conf file location may now be changed.

    •  23 Oct 2008 23:40

    Release Notes: This release fixes compat options with dhcpcd-3 and last lease usage.

    •  25 Aug 2008 16:51

    Release Notes: Compiling with CMDLINE_COMPAT was broken in 4.0.0.

    •  24 Aug 2008 21:51

    Release Notes: dhclient style scripting support. IPv4LL support now passes Apple's Bonjour Conformance test. Internal support for managing multiple resolv.conf and ntp.conf files. Link carrier detection. Smaller binary size (now 46k on Linux/i386). Works with NetworkManager 0.7 as an alternative to dhclient.

    Release Notes: This version supports link carrier detection and can background immediately. Configuration can now be stored in a file. Apple's Bonjour conformance tests are now passed. The DHCP parsing code was rewritten and is 15K smaller. It is now compatible with dhclient style scripts. NetworkManager 0.7.0 is supported. InfiniBand and Firewire are now supported along with Ethernet.

    •  25 Feb 2008 05:35

    Release Notes: This version should be fully RFC compliant. The LPF filter (like BPF for the BSDs) is used to keep CPU time down to a minimum. Annoying ICMP unreachable messages on Linux were fixed. STAILQ is used instead of custom linked lists.


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