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20 Apr 2000 08:05 thomasktn

RAS Addresses are updatet too, DNS ends in a mess...
Hi there if u got RAS installed onto your NT Boxes, the Script
Gives every Address of the Workstation even the RAS a DNS entry
This ended here up in a mess...

If you dont wanna have to RAS entrys in, u can get my modified
Script. just mail me.

PS: I sent it to the Owner of this Script as well. It may be avail in
next Version


18 Apr 2000 09:25 thomasktn

_ Not allowed in Bind 8 ;-)
If u got some Workstations with a Space or an underline in it
Ure bind 8 Server will fail by restart.

I added a the Following Line to the Perl Script:
sub read_lease_file {
# change spaces to underscore, remove dots
$hostname =~ s/s/_/g;
$hostname =~ s/.//g;
$hostname =~ s/_/-/g; #THIS IS NEW

Thnx thats all volks


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