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DansGuardian Anti-Virus Scanner

The DansGuardian Anti-Virus Scanner gives you the ability to virus-scan all content that passes through DansGuardian. It uses the scanning code from the MailScanner project to do the actual virus scanning, so it supports all the virus engines that the MailScanner project supports. The scanning is done as the file is being downloaded, so your current network apps don't have to be modified, etc. They just have to support using a proxy.

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Release Notes: The Anti-Virus Plugin was ported to DansGuardian 2.6.0-0. An enhanced TrickleBuffer implementation was added, which allows you to send the downloaded file to the browser as it is being downloaded up to X bytes, so as to improve the "feedback" the user gets. If the file is clean, then the last X bytes are sent to the user. The TrickleBuffer functionality is now more configurable in regards to the trickle times (before it was hardcoded at 30 seconds and every 60 seconds thereafter) if you do not use the new feature.

Release Notes: The DansGuardian Anti-Virus 1.3 changes have been ported to the DansGuardian 2.5.3-4 code release.

Release Notes: Virus scanning code and support scripts have been updated for the MailScanner 4.14-9 release. A memory allocation bug has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release forwards the ported DansGuardian Anti-Virus Plugin 1.2's features and adds a language patch to make it easier to specify the language file to work with.

Release Notes: This release adds a status file feature that creates a status file for every file being downloaded (other than text files), so the user can keep track of the progress of the download. It updates the virus code for F-Prot and F-Secure.


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