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07 Nov 2005 10:50 smiley73

Re: A GREAT Linux Security Distro
Take a look at our documentation. It's not very extensive, but it gets you started.

"8.5. Booting Devil-Linux from devices other than the CD-ROM"

Also don't use the new 1.2.7, it has some issues which we're currently resolving.


07 Nov 2005 10:44 kennethcraig

Re: A GREAT Linux Security Distro
Manu, I am interested in trying Devil-Linux. What steps would I need to take to deploy a bootable compact flash version?

01 Feb 2004 08:14 eescar

A GREAT Linux Security Distro
This Security aimed distro catch me for over two years now and I can't imagine working without it today!

I'm not a code writer but the build system is so clean it's a game to add new and custom features to your own Devil version. I even made contributions, despite I don't understand anything in developping software!

I love that system is on CD and can't be modified by a potential intruder! But you can also use USB sticks or whatever you want to hold distribution and so fit to your specific hardware : turn your old (or new) hardware in a strong and powerfull dedicated security gateway.



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