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  •  13 Mar 2009 19:25

Release Notes: This release adds support for 11 new formats, a French translation of error codes, new bilinear scaling, a Mathematica interface, some bugfixes, and much more.

  •  07 Feb 2009 10:27

Release Notes: WBMP, Sun Raster, GameCube TPL textures, and IFF are now supported as inputs, and WBMP, OpenEXR, JPEG 2000, and TIFF can be saved to file streams. Windows Mobile projects and DevIL.NET were included. Doxygen documentation and improved PDF documentation were provided. Support for cubemaps and spheremaps was improved. Support for alpha-only formats (IL_ALPHA) was added. There were various bugfixes and much more.


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A C implementation of NTRUEncrypt.


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A video conversion tool.