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deStats is a cool IRC logfile analysis tool that supports logfiles in mIRC format. It takes your logfiles, and creates a nice-looking HTML Statistics page from them.

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  •  28 Nov 2002 19:34

Release Notes: This release changes the "Daily IRC Activity" table/charts to display in vertical columns. The month chart will be saved for Monthly IRC Activity sections only. It fixes a small bug dealing with "spaces" on the end of every quote and topic. Some topics might not display correctly or exactly as expected just yet; a fix is being sought. It also fixes another small bug dealing with the randomizing of quotes. Segmentation faults sometimes occur on very small quotes.

Release Notes: Code cleanups, changes to the style and layout of the stats HTML page, completion of the configuration file, full support for HTML colors, and a fix for a bug with initial nickname additions (if a nick only said one line, it forgot to add/analyze its text altogether).


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