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Desfonema Sequencer

Desfonema Sequencer is a tracker-inspired MIDI sequencer. It uses a pattern oriented design, with n tracks by pattern. It offers a piano roll editor for tracks, and a tabbed track interface for patterns. It features convenient keyboard shortcuts, a virtual keyboard, step and live editing, MIDI input (ALSA), and a text-based file format that is easy to edit manually or merge and better suited for version systems like Subversion.

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Desfonema Sequencer 0.3.2b 06 Aug 2011

New beta version, calling for testers and bug reports!

Changes include:
* Individual mute for each track instead of "solo" mode
* Player threa...

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  •  06 Aug 2011 20:42

Release Notes: There is now an individual mute for each track instead of "solo" mode. Player thread handling pattern playing was added for better performance. The code for song refreshing on pattern name change was improved. The code in roll painting was cleaned up. Track expansion and shrinking were added. A note can have variable length in live recording. More comments were added and the code was reorganized for easy hacking. New shortcuts were added for moving one octave up or down. Noise in synth/port change while playing was fixed.

  •  15 Jun 2011 08:59

Release Notes: This is the initial public release.


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